We Are Fierce Petite

We Are Fierce Petite

Often, we are asked where our brand name came from. Is it because we only focus on petite clothing (we aren’t a petite brand) or is there another reason?

The answer is the name comes from a Shakespeare play a Midsummers Night Dream, specifically from the quote about the character Hermia “Although she be but Little, she is Fierce” Fierce Little doesn’t roll of the tongue so well, so we decided on Fierce Petite.

Hermia is a fascinating character, she is courageous, unafraid but also kind and loving. Independent, and refuses to abide by the status quo, a well-rounded character who stands up for things she believes to be right.

This describes exactly what we believe Fierce Petite is.  

To sum it all up, we feel that the clothes you wear should empower you to go out into the world feeling comfortable and confident. This is how we want our customers to feel when they wear their clothes from Fierce Petite.

To date we have saved tens of thousands of vintage and retro items, saving them from landfill and giving them a prolonged life. So, where do we fit in the market?

We aren’t fast fashion, releasing numerous collections a year, garments made with cheap poor-quality materials, designed to fit badly and likely to be disposed of. However, we are pivoting to designing our own clothing as well. So that also means we aren’t slow fashion either. We see slow fashion as more couture-based items for highly skilled creative people to show off their talents, at a price to reflect using materials that are recycled or end of line.

This would leave us somewhere in the middle.  As our reputation for selling fantastic vintage and retro items and where we want to take Fierce Petite to as a brand, we believe the best fit for us would be circular fashion model. We haven’t yet figured out all the details of how we will do this, but it is a huge focus for us. We know that all the vintage and retro items we have already sold more than offset the new design and manufacturing we are currently doing. This is something we are watching carefully to make sure we are always acting responsibly and with as little environmental impact as possible.

In the design and manufacture of our new items we have carefully selected the factories we use.  Our products are made using organic or recycled materials and cut to a high standard of quality to last. As we expand our range, we believe we will have a clearer way forward for us to move into Circular fashion. Currently we are thinking about a trade in scheme, where you sell your item back to us for store credit to go towards a new item, we would then resell this in our vintage and preloved section. We would also love to set up a repair service designed to extend the life further of your favourite Fierce Petite items. We are also looking at setting up a group where our customers can swap their items.  

Image by Rachel Davis 

We do not claim to be perfect, but we are so aware of the damage the clothing industry has on the environment. We will continue to learn and be mindful of the impact we have as a business whilst also creating unique good quality clothes made to last, swop, trade or hand down.

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