Fierce Petite Mom Jeans

The Story Behind our Vintage Inspired Stone Wash Mom Jeans

We wanted to start our own product range with a staple item which we knew was popular from selling vintage clothing for so long. We decided to design a perfect pair of Mom Jeans, which had been influenced by our favourite vintage jeans from the 90s.


We started a list of requirements which most importantly they had to fit in with want we wanted to achieve as a brand.  Sustainable materials, excellent quality and made to last.

After some research and samples, we chose a factory in Turkey who had specific denim expertise who were known for producing high quality products.  They offered us 12oz denim with 20% of that recycled, which enabled the material to be heavy enough to be hard wearing.

As soon as we were happy with the manufacturer we got to work on the features of the Jeans.  We wanted deep pockets that could easily fit a mobile phone, a double belt loop at the back, a fabric patch like on the 80s jeans we loved so much and high-quality metal work.  We specified YKK zips as we regarded these as the best and less likely to break or come down. Many of these features are often left off modern jeans, however, these were as standard on the better-quality jeans of the past. We hired a designer to help us bring our concept to life and started working towards our vision of the perfect pair of jeans.

For the fit, we were choosy, they had to be perfect. A flattering high waist, roomy hips and thighs with the legs slightly tapered down to the ankle.  The ankle circumference had to be a little bigger than standard mom jeans to allow them to hang correctly over boots and also to be rolled up if necessary, without stopping your circulation.


We had a few samples made to achieve the perfect pair and we could not be happier with how they turned out.  We have had fantastic feedback from customers and influencers who have a pair. We don’t want to big ourselves up here at all, but the phrase “favourite jeans” has been mentioned a few times, but we will leave that for you to decide.


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